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Women MPs push for greater involvement in govt

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Sulaimaniyah, Dec. 30 (AKnews) – Iraqi women continue to press on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki and their blocs to secure a quarter of the government posts.
Lana hafiz, Lana Mohammed
Women MPs in the Iraqi parliament have collected some 100,000 signatures to support their cause.

The campaign followed the announcement of the new cabinet by Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki where in a total of 33 announced ministries only one had been allocated for a woman MP.

Mr Maliki passed the buck onto the political blocs for not submitting to him names of women candidates. He said he would not announce the remaining ministries because he wanted the blocs to put forward women candidates for the posts.

The campaign to collect signatures from government officials, former and current MPs, NGOs and the different slates of the society is to force the Iraqi political blocs who still have share in the nine remaining ministries to nominate women.

"So far, no other positions have been assigned to women and the issue has not been resolved therefore we continue in our effort" Kurdish MP Lana Mohammed told AKnews, "After the next parliamentary meeting the total number of signatures to support women to receive 25%  of the positions will be announced in a press conference"

Iraqi parliament is expected to convene after the New Year day holiday. Iraq's constitution states that 25% of the government positions have top be given to women.

"What we have heard from the women MPS of the other blocs like the al-Iraqiya and the State of Law (Maliki's bloc) indicate that no significant ministerial portfolios have been allocated for women," Mohammed said.

She said a delegation of women is expected to meet with President Jalal Talabani and PM Nuri al-Maliki for the purpose.

Viand Dakhil, candidate of the Kurds to the Ministry of Women Affairs rejected the post in support of women demands to receive a quarter of the posts.

The only woman candidate now for a state ministry post in Maliki's government, Bushra Muhsen, said she did not want to withdraw from the cabinet only because she had seen equality in his Fadhila Party which has two ministerial portfolios; one man and one woman.

Mohsen's position is not a public services ministry and is not considered to be one of the ministerial portfolios.

Ala Talabani, another Kurdish woman MP says the women are also expected to meet UN officials to win their support in an attempt to gather pressure on the new government.

Reported by Dilshad Saifaddin, edited by Raber Y. Aziz

Thursday, December 30th 2010 12:25 PM

Roundup of Most prominent political events in Kurdistan in 2010

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Erbil, Dec. 30 (AKnews) – The Kurdistan Region of Iraq witnessed significant developments in the year 2010 and below is a chronological summery of the events.kongrai 13 pdk

On January 11, Parliament of Kurdistan Region voted Roj Nuri Shawayis as deputy Prime Minister to take over from Barham Salih who had officially stepped down earlier to head the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) as Prime Minister.

On January 17, After 36 trial sessions, Saddam Hussein's cousin, Ali Hasan Majid, notoriously dubbed "Chemical Ali" was sentenced to death for his role in a gas attack on the Kurdish town Halabja town in 1988 which killed 5,000 people and injured thousands. the sentence was the fourth passed by the Supreme Court against him. But the chemical attack was labeled "crime against humanity" rather than "Genocide" which the Kurds were seeking.

Majid was first sentenced to death in June 2007 for his role in the Anfal military operations against the Kurds in 1988. In December 2008 he also received another death sentence for his role in crushing the Shias in a revolt following the 1991 Gulf War. Also in March 2009, he was sentenced to death, along with others, for the 1999 killings of Shias in the Sadr City district of Baghdad.

On January 25, President of Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani met with the US President Barrack Obama in Washington D.C. to discuss the disputed issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the central government of Baghdad.

On the same day, Chemical Ali was executed.

On March 1st, The Iraqi Supreme Court recognized the chemical attack on Halabja and the Anfal Operations against the Kurds as "Genocide" after the prosecution appealed with the court's previous decision to recognize them as "crime against humanity".

On March 7, Iraqi elections were held in the Kurdish region where political actors contested for 41 seats allocated to the three provinces of Erbil (14 seats), Sulaimaniyah (17 seats) and Dohuk (10 seats).

The Kurdistan Alliance list formed of the two major ruling parties - Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) - won the majority of the seats.

On March 11, the first Turkish consul in Erbil city Aydin Selcen officially started working.

On March 9, seat-winning Kurdish list in the Iraqi parliament  joined to form the Kurdish Blocs Coalition (KBC) to unite their forces in the capital Baghdad. KBC was formed of the Kurdistan Alliance which had won 43 seats in the March 7 selections, Gorran (8 seats), Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU 4 seats) and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG 2seats).

On May 21, the KIU led by Salahaddin Mohammed Bahaaddin held its party convention where elections for the party leader, leadership committee and the Consultative Council were held.

On June 1, the patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) led by Jalal Talabani held its third party conference attended by 1600 members in Sulaimaniyah. Talabani remained the leader of the party.

On June 2, invited by Turkey, for the first time as the President of Kurdistan Region, Massoud Barzani visited Turkey and met with Turkish President Abdulah Gul, Prime Minister Recep Teyyip Erdogan, and the Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu.

On July 15, the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) led by Ali Bapir held its second party convention with 690 members attending where Bapir was reelected Emir of the group.

On July 8, the New York Times newspaper published a story about oil smuggling in Kurdistan accusing the two major ruling parties of profiteering millions of dollars from the business prompting Kurdish officials to reject the accusations. The report also set off another dispute between Baghdad and the KRG.

On July 19, The KRG Council of Ministers ordered the prohibition of illegal exportation of oil.

On September 29, Gorran movement officially broke away from the KBC in the Iraqi parliament over disputes with the two ruling parties in the parliament of Kurdistan Region

On November 3, after long disputes and arguments between the factions in the Kurdish parliament, a bill to organize demonstrations was passed with a majority vote and the law was passed to the presidency of the region for final signature.

On November 8, the Iraqi political blocs gathered in Erbil in response to an initiative by the President of Kurdistan Region Massoud Barzani to break an 8-month stalemate over government formation.

After three meetings streched over three days, Barzani announced on November 11 in a press conference in Baghdad that the political blocs had reached a power-sharing deal to form the new Iraqi government.

On December 11, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) led by Massoud Barzani, held its 13th party congress where 1501 members attended the seven-day congress and Massoud Barzani was reelected the leader of the party.

For the first time in its history, the KDP allocateda quota of five women in the leadership committee.

After the four party conventions, the years 2010 was referred to by some observers as the year of the party conventions in Kurdistan.

On December 12, the President of Kurdistan Region signed on the demo bill prompting several successive protests in the cities and towns of Kurdistan Region organized by the opposition groups in Kurdistan (Gorran, KIU and KIG), journalists, and civil society organization on grounds that the law restricts the rights of people to demonstration because the law requires beforehand permit for any demonstration in the region.

On December 26, Egypt's Foreign Minster Ahmed Abul Gheit officially opened the Egyptian consulate in Erbil city, the capital of Kurdistan Region.

Prepared by Omar Ali, edited by Raber Y. Aziz

Thursday, December 30th 2010 10:10 AM

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New police chief appointed in Anbar following bombings

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Anbar, Dec. 28 (AKnews) -  Brigadier General Abdul Hadi Arzij has been officially announced by Anbar provincial council as new police chief after dismissing the former chief following Monday bombings that targeted government compounds and killed nine.Explosion in Anbar
The Anbar provincial council voted unanimously on Friday to dismiss police chief Baha al-Qaisi from his office and appoint Brigadier General Hadi Arzij instead.

In an official announcement in Ahmed Abu Rish place in Ramadi city, Arzij was officially assigned as the new police chief in the province to replace al-Qaisi who was fire by the provincial council for poor management.

"The dismissal of al-Qaisi who served as commander of the police came as a result of his poor management for security situation (in the province) and the security breaches" recently that.

On Monday, two bombers attacked government buildings killing nine and injuring 53 others, most of them civilians. In mid-December, too, bombers attacked the government buildings in a similar scenario and killed 13 and wounded more than 45 others.

"We wish the new leader of the Anbar provincial police to enforce new security plans to protect the lives of innocent people in the province." the governor of Anbar, Qassim Mohammed Abed, told AKnews.

The move was welcomed by the tribal leaders of the mainly Sunni province, as well, who took up arms in 2006 against the insurgents like al-Qaeda in Iraq and formed the Awakening Councils to help Iraqi security forces.

Anbar was enjoying relative stability since 2006 when the Awakening Councils drove out insurgents from the province.

"The tribes in Anbar welcomed the new police leader as he represents them, and he is one of the people of Ramadi" said Aifan Saadoun, head of the security committee in Anbar provincial council.

Saadoun says the council requested ending the work of al-Qaisi not because of security breaches, but because they wanted a a police commander who "represents its sons and be familiar with the geography of the province,"
Al-Qaisi said in an interview with AKnews that he accepted the dismissal and that he was at least happy that he was able, during the time he served as police chief, to thwart numerous organized crimes and bombings.

"The maintenance of security in Anbar was one of my priorities" he said.

Reported by Ali al-Qaisi, edited by Raber Y. Aziz

Tuesday, December 28th 2010 1:46 PM

Erbil preparing for New Year Day amid fears of attacks

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Erbil, Dec. 27 (AKnews) – Erbil city, capital of Iraqi Kurdistan Region, is preparing for the New Year Day celebrations amid fears of terrorist attacks.Chrismas Tree 2011

Erbil provincial council is preparing events and celebrations to mark the New Year day including live music concerts and fireworks in the public parsk and around the government building.

"Dozens of artists will participate in the music concerts" said Tahir Abdullah, deputy Erbil governor.

Also big screens will show live the celebrations in three different spots in the city, including one on top of the historical citadel in the center of Erbil so that people can watch the events from a better position.

The provincial council has spent 60 million Iraqi Dinars (about US$49,000) on the preparations, Tahir said.

Streets, public parks and the shopping malls in the city are already decorated with colorful lights during the night.

Erbil's Majidi Mall, one of the largest shopping centers in Iraq, has erected a large Chrismas tree in the center of the mall.

"Fireworks in Shandar Park and the surrounding of the provincial council will also add to the beauty of the celebrations" Abdullah said.

But the preparations of the day come amid fears that armed groups may deal a blow on the crowds of the merry-making people in the city which enjoys greater security and stability. The last fatal attack was in 2007 when a truck packed with explosives exploded in front of the regional government's ministry of the interior killed 17 people.

On Sunday night, two sound bombs exploded in Ainkawa, a predominantly Christian-populated town to the west of the city, spreading fear in the hearts of the local Christians and the displaced Iraqi Christians who have fled their homes to the town.

Also, Monday morning, an improvised explosive device consisting of two mortar rockets placed in a crowded area of the city was disarmed by an explosives disposal squad.

Erbil police chief Abdulkhaliq Talaat says they have their own security plan for the day, in cooperation with the other security services.

"The security forces will maintain security of the hotels and public places where celebrations are held." Talaat said.

The security services were expected to release later today a statement about the two explosions in Ainkawa.

(Saman Ali contributed to this story, Edited by Raber Y. Aziz)

Monday, December 27th 2010 4:01 PM

Sound bombs terrify Christians in Erbil ahead of celebrations

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Erbil, Dec. 27 (AKnews) - Twin sound bomb explosions in Erbil city's Ainkawa town ahead of new year celebrations has spread fear among the dominant Christians of the town and the displaced Iraqi Christian residing there.Church in Ankawa

The explosion took place late Sunday night in front of a restaurant "Mnqal Jan" in Ainkawa, north west of Erbil, where hundreds of displaced Iraqi Christian families from central and southern Iraq have taken sanctuary.

The explosion did not cause any casualties except some damage to a nearby house.

Though sound bombs cause no serious damages, it could be an alert for the Christians who had found peace after fleeing their homes in the other parts of Iraq for fear of attacks by armed groups.

In November, insurgents attacked a church in Baghdad taking the church-goers and the priests hostage. while security forces were trying to raid the church to free the hostages, some 50 people including the attendants, priests, and security personnel were killed.

Armed groups have always tried to penetrate the security lines of the Kurdish cities, but have considerably failed to do so.

On November 1st, the suicide driver of a vehicle packed with around 450 kg of explosives was shot dead in one of the checkpoints that lead to Erbil city by security forces.

In contrast to the rest of Iraq, Christians of Ainkawa town, were preparing for the the New Year day celebrations because the Christians felt safe. But the sound bombs may deter them from merry-making.

Christians of other parts of Iraq have already announced plans that they will not celebrate Christmas and the new year day for fear of insurgent attacks. instead they would gather in one church.

Police forces are looking into the explosions and no group has claimed responsibility yet.

(Hemn Jamal contributed to this story, Edited by Raber Y. Aziz)

Monday, December 27th 2010 1:43 PM

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Turkey's Kurds campaign for schooling in Kurdish langauge

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Ankara, Dec. 25 (AKnews) - A group in Turkey's Diarbakir, largest Kurdish city in the country,  is preparing to launch a signature-collecting campaign for schooling in Kurdish languages for the indigenous Kurds of the country.

Turkey's about 17 million Kurds are not allowed education in their mother tongue in the public schools and the use of the language is banned in the government and officials institutions.

Education in Kurdish in the private schools was first allowed in 2004. And the first Kurdish languages satellite TV channel was opened in 2010.

The group, called the Kurdish Language and Education Movement, is aiming at collecting one million signatures to submit them to the UNESCO, the Turkish and European parliaments as well to support their cause.

The campaign is widely supported by the political Kurdish parties including the largest group, Peace and Democracy Party, or known by its  Turkih acronym BDP.

The Kurds of Turkey have unleashed a wave of pressures recently on the Turkish government to recognize their language and to allow schooling in Kurdish.

Earlier this month, a group of Kurds accused of having links with the Kurdish armed group Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) insisted to defend themselves in the court in Kurdish.

The court labeled their languages in its records as an "alien" language being used by the defendants.

"The right to education using the native language is one of the international and natural rights and the Turkish authorities must grant this right to the Kurds in the country." the campaigners said.

"The signatures are expected to be submitted to the UNESCO and the Turkish and European parliaments on February 21 which is the World Day of Mother Language,"

The group also called for a boycott of schools in Diarbakir city in the first week as part of their campaign dubbed "We Demand Education in the Mother Tongue"

Turkey has been locked in a decades-long conflict with the Kurds over their cultural and political rights.

The PKK declared armed action against the Turkish state nearly three decades ago to achieve national, cultural and political rights which has claimed more than 45,000 lives most of them Kurds.

The group first fought for the independence of Kurdistan - the Kurdish region of Turkey-  but now fights for greater rights to the Kurds within Turkey.

Reported by Kamal Avci
Edited by Raber Y. Aziz

Record-breaking serial killer arrested in central Iraq

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Babil, Dec. 23 (AKnews) - A record-breaking serial killer accused of the kidnap-slaying of 16 most probably Iraqi Kurds in six months has been arrested by the security forces in Babil province.

The man identified by Major General Fadel Radad al-Sultani from the Ministry of the Interior as "Raed Hamid Jawad Unaitis" used to stop vehicles with number plates registered in Kurdish cities taking the drivers hostage and then killed them and burned their bodies.

No other Iraqi killers with this high record of killings in the short period have been arrested in Iraq so far.

Unaitis was arrested in the western Rabie border crossing on the Syrian border while trying to enter Syria with a fake passport.

"The security services in Babil also arrested the gang members who were cooperating with him in his criminal acts," said al-Sultani.

The killer used to drive the hostages in their cars back to his home in Bu-Alwan village, north of the capital city Hilla, killed them, burned their bodies and buried the remains in the courtyard of his house, according to al-Sultani.

After committing the murders, Unaitis would sell the cars in the Kurdistan Region.

The security forces were able to arrest the man only after Kurdish security forces (Asayish) accompanied by Kurdish citizens from Kurdistan Region inquired at Babil province investigative judge about the seller of the cars.

Unaitis is the nephew of Mohammed Jawad Unaitis - another wanted man on charges of participating in the mass-grave crimes in 1991 in Kurdistan Region and the southern Iraqi Shia cities following the poplar uprising against the former Iraqi regime.

Reported by Bashar Alewi

Monday, December 20, 2010

مافی چارەی خۆنووسین بۆ كورد و هەرای ئومەی عەرەبی!

ڕابەریونس عزیز

Raber Younis Azizزۆرجار لە میدیاكانەوە گوێمان لە بەرپرسی كورد و عەرب دەبێت كە باس لە برایەتیی كورد و عەرەب دەكەن و زۆربەی كاتیش كورد حەزی كردووە ئەم خەونەی برایەتییە ڕۆژێك لە ڕۆژان ببێتە ڕاستی و بگاتە ئەو قەناعەتەی بێكەسی شاعیر كە دەڵێ "برایەتیی كورد و عەرەب دێرینە تەئریخ شاهیدە، ناحەزی ڕووڕەش لە داخا با یەخەی خۆی دادڕێ" وەلێ ئەوەی ڕاستی بێت تەنیا هەڵوێست برایەتیی كورد و عەرەب دەسەلمێنێ و مەسەلەی تاریخ و قسەی گەورە دوو درهەمی سووتاو ناهێنێ.

ئەو هەرایەی ڕاگەیاندنی عەرەبی و هەندێ لە كەسایەتیی عەرەب – كە بێگومان ئەوانیش نوێنەرایەتیی هەموو عەرەب ناكەن - نایانەوە لەبارەی مافی چارەی خۆنووسین بۆ كورد كە سەرۆكی هەرێمی كوردستان مەسعود بارزانی لە گوتارەكەیدا لە كۆنگرەی 13ی پارتەكەی باسی لێوە، ئەوە پێشان دەدات كە عەرەب تەنیا تا ئەو جێیە برایەتیی كوردی پێ قبووڵە كە مافی كورد لەدوای عەرەب بچێت و هەر كاتێ كورد داوای مافێكی كرد یەكسەر دەبێتەوە بە "جوولەكە" و "بەكرێگیراوی زایۆنی و ئەمەریكا".

مەسعود بارزانی لە كۆنگرەی سێزدەیەمی پارتەكەیدا گوتارێكی پێشكێش كرد و چارەی خۆنووسینی بۆ كورد وەكو مافێك باس كرد. بەڵام میدیای عەرەبی مەسعود بارزانی و كوردی عێراقیان بە جوداخواز و چاو لەسەربەخۆیی وەسف كرد، وەكو ئەوەی چارەی خۆنووسین كە ئەوان 22 جار سوودیان لێ بینیوە بۆ دروستكردنی دەوڵەت، زوڵمێكی كوردی بێت. تەنانەت "چارەی خۆنووسین"یان وەكو چمكێكی تازە و سەیر باس كرد كە لە هەموو بنەوا نێودەوڵەتییەكاندا وەكو ماف پارێزراوە بۆ گەلان بە كوردیشەوە كە خاوەنی هەموو پێهێنەرەكانی نەتەوەبوون و دواجار دەوڵەتەهەبوونە لە خاك و زمان و مێژوو و كولتوور و ناسنامەی نەتەوەیی.

لە ڕاپۆرتێكی ئەلجەزیرەی ئینگلیزیدا كە ئەویش بێگومان پێڕەوی لە هەمان سیاسەتی عەرەبیی ئەلجەزیرە دەكات نووسیویانە كە: مەسعوود بارزانی "پرسی چارەی خۆنووسین" كە ئەو پێی دەڵێت "ماف" لە كۆنگرەی حزبەكەیدا دووپات كردەوە. دیارە ئەوان چارەی خۆنووسینیان پێ ماف نییە بەڵام "چارەی ئەوانیترنووسین"یان پێ مافە!! چونكە ئەوەی هەندێك لە راگەیاندنی عەرەبی و سیاسەتوانی عەرەب دەیڵێن نووسینی مافی چارەی میللەتی كوردە لە جیاتی كورد! كورد لە عێراقدا مێژووی زۆر لە عەرب كۆنترە ئیتر بۆچی ئەو هەرایە بەسەر كوردەوە بكرێ ئەگەر بیەوێ چارەی خۆی بەخۆی بنووسێ لە كاتێكدا نە مەسعود بارزانی و نە كوردیش بیری جیابوونەوە لە عێراق ناكەن و پەرلەمانی كوردستان بڕیاری داوە كە لەگەڵ عێراقدا بمێنێتەوە. هەر دوای ئەو هەرایەش نێچیرڤان بارزانی جێگری مەسعود بارزانی ڕای گەیاند كە گوتارەكەی سەرۆكی پارتی بە هەڵە لێكدراوەتەوە و بڕیاردان لەسەر چارەنووسی كورد مانای جیابوونەوە لە عێراق ناگەیەنێ.

لە نێو بەرپرسانی عەرەبی عێراقیدا بەتایبەتی عەرەبی ناوچە جێناكۆكەكان گوتارەكەی بارزانی بە سەرەتای پرۆسەیەكی چەند قۆناغی بۆ پارچەپارچەبوونی عێراق دادەنێن. عالییە نوسەیفی ئەندام لە لییستی عێراقیە لە لێدوانێكدا بۆ ئاژانسی رۆیتەرز پرسیاری ئەوەی كردبوو "ئاخۆ كورد داوای فیدرالیەتیان كرد تا یەكەمجار هەرێمەكە دروست بكەن و دواتر لە عێراق جودا ببنەوە؟" بەڵام ئەم بەرهەڵستییە بەرامبەر كورد تەنیا لە عێراق نییە بگرە لە هەموو "نیشتمانی عەربی"دا هاودەنگییەك هەیە بەرامبەر كورد و هەر میللەتێكی تر كە لە چوارچێوەی دەوڵەتێكی عەرەبیدا بژی. كورد و هەر نەتەوەیەكی تر لە نێو وڵاتێكی "عەرەبیدا" بەڵای خوایە تووشیان بووە.

هەر ئەوێ ڕۆژێ لە دامێنی یەكێك لەو هەواڵانەی لەبارەی ئەو هەرایەوە لە یەكێك لە سایتە هەواڵییە عەرەبییەكاندا بڵاو بووبووەوە، بخوێنێكی عەرەب كۆمێنتێكی زۆر شۆڤێنییانە و توندڕەوانەی نووسیبوو بەم شێوەیە: "ئەوان (كورد) وەكو شێرپەنجە كەوتوونەتە جەستەی ئوممەتی عەرەبی" بەپلانی دۆستە سەهیۆنییەكانیان. لەوەش سەیرتر هەر ئەوێ ڕۆژێ عەشایەرەكانی پارێزگەی سەلاحەددینیش بڕیاریان دا كە گوتارەكەی مەسعود بارزانی نادەستووریە!! ئەرێ خێرە وا لە پڕێك گەڕانەوە بۆ دەستوور؟ خۆ لایەنی عەرەبی بەتایبەتیش باكوری عێراق چەندان ساڵە دژایەتیی مادەی 140ی دەستووری عێراقی دەكەن و پێیان وایە مردووە و كاری پێ ناكرێ ئەمڕۆ بۆ دەگەڕێنەوە بۆ دەستوور و كورد بە پێشێلكاری دەزانن! باشە بۆ دەستوور بۆ عەرەب دەمرێ و بۆ كورد نامرێ؟

بەرهەڵستیكردن بەرامبەر هەر نەتەوەیەكی تر وەكو كورد و ئەفەریقییەكانی هەرێمی دارفۆری باشووری سوودان لەبەر ئەوە نییە كە ئەوانە جوداخوازن و مافی چارەی خۆنووسینیان نییە، بەڵكۆ لەبەر دوو هۆیە: یەكەم، هێشتا بیرۆكەی پێدانی مافە كولتووری و نەتەوایەتی و سیاسییەكان بە نەتەوەیەكی تر غەیری عەرەب لە "نیشتمانی عەرەبی"دا لە قالب نەمەییوە، نەك ئەوەی لە خەمی یەكپارچەیی خاكی عێراقی عەرەبیدا بن! بۆ بەڵگەش ئەو ڕاستییە لەوە دەردەكەوێ كە ئەوان بەردەوام باس لە "ئوممەی عەرەبی واحیدە" دەكەن و وڵاتانی عەرەبی بە "شقیقە" ناو دەبەن كەچی كە عێراقییەك بەعەرەب و كورد و توركمانیشەوە دەیەوێ بچێت بۆ دوبەی، ڤیزەی پێ نادەن لەبەرئەوەی حسێبی مرۆڤیشیان بۆ نەكردوون! تەنانەت بازرگانان و بەرپرسانیش تا وەری دەگرن دەردێكی وایان دەدەنێ كە هەر سەفەری دوبەیان بكەوێتە پێش تایان دێتێ لەبەرئەوەی دەزانن چەندە سەختە وەرگرتنی ڤیزەی دوبەی لەلایەن هاوڵاتییەكی عێراقیی "شقیق"، هۆكاری دووەمیش برێتییە لە بەرژەوەندیی سیاسی و ئابووری: ئەمە بەتایبەتی لە حاڵەتی كوردستانی عێراقدا ڕاستە. لایەنی عەرەبی لەلایەك دەیەوێ مافگەل تەنیا بۆ خۆی پاوان بكات و لەلایەكیش تریش هەرچی نەوت و دەوڵەمەندیی ناوچەكە هەیە بخاتە ژێر كۆنترۆلی خۆی كە بێگومان لەوەشدا دەسەڵات هەیە بەهۆیەوە دەتوانێ هەردەم دەست لە بینا قاقای كورد بنێت و هەر كاتێك كورد بەدڵی ئەوان نەجوڵایەوە قوڕگی بگرێت.

هەر بۆ زیاتر سەلماندنی ئەوەی كە عەرەب خەمی عێراق و یەكێتی خاكەكەیان نییە و زیاتر مەسەلە كولتوورییەكە: كاتێك سەدام ڕوخا لە ساڵی 2003، هەموو وڵاتانی عەرەبی لە جیاتی ئەوەی یارمەتیی عێراق بدەن لە گێڕانەوەی تەناهی و سەقامگیری، وڵاتانی دراوسێ دەستیان بە دزینەوەی سنوور كرد بۆ فراوانكردنی خاكی خۆیان لەسەر حسێبی عێراق، ئاخۆ ئەمەیان چۆن لێك دەدەنەوە؟ بۆچی دزینی خاكی عێراق بۆ وڵاتانی عەرەبی دراوسێی عێراق ڕەوایە و كورد لەسەر خاكی خۆی بۆی نییە بڕیاریش لە چارەنووسی خۆی بدات.

لە لایەكی تر، ئەوەی زیاتر بێزاركەرە ئەوەیە زۆرێك لە عەرەب تا ئیختیاری "جوولەكە" و "ئیسرائیلی دووەم"یان هەبێ بە زمانیاندا نایە بڵێن كورد و كوردستان كە ئەویش دیسان لەبەر ئەوە نییە كە كورد موسڵمانێتی ناكات و خاكێكی عەرەبیی داگیر كردبێت – تاریخ شاهیدە كە كورد لە پێش عەربەوە لەم وڵاتەن - بەڵام لەبەر ئەوەیە كورد لەوان جیاوازە: عەرەب نییە و لە چوارچێوەی وڵاتێك كە ئەوان بە هی عەربی دەزانن ژیان دەكەن و داوای مافی خۆیان دەكەن! دەنا ئەوەتا لە شاری هەولێر زیاتر لە 350 مزگەوت هەیە كە پێم وابی هیچ شارێكی تری دنیا ئەوەندە مزگەوتەی تێدا نییە و هەر هەمووشیان جمەیان دێ لەگەڵ نوێژخوێنان و موسڵمانان. ئەگەر تا ڕادەی جوولەكە و ئیسرائیل رقیان لە كورد و كوردستان بێت ئەو پێكەوەژیانە لەچوارچێوەی عێراقی یەكگرتوودا چ مانایەكی هەیە؟ كە بۆ كورد داواكردنی ماف و چارەی خۆنووسین پلانی سەهیۆنییە و بەكگرێگیراوێتییە بۆ ئیسرائیل ئاخۆ ئەوان كە 22 جار بڕیایان لە چارەی خۆیان داوە بۆ هەبوونی ئەوەندە دەوڵەتە عەرەبییە بەركرێگیراوێ كێ بن؟ خۆ عەرەب هەر عەرەبە و بەقسەی خۆیان برانە و هیچ شتێك ناتوانێ لێكیان بكات. بەڵام كورت و كرمانجی هەرایەكەیان لەبارەی كورد تەنیا لەبەر دوو شتە: لە قالبدا نەمەیینی كولتووری پێدانی مافی ئەوانی تر لەلایەن زۆر لە عەرەب. هەروەها بەرژەوەندیی سیاسی و ئابووری. ئەگەر وا نییە با كوێت لەو قەردانەی سەر عێراق خۆش بێت و ساڵانە بەشێكیش لە داهاتەكەی لەگەڵ عەرەبەكانی سوودان بەش بكات بۆ ئەوەی ئەوانیش لە هەژاری ڕزگاریان ببێت. یان با ئیمارات چیتر تەشقەڵە بە عێراقییەكان نەكات و ڤیزەیان پێ بدات، با سعوودیەش هیچ نەبێ ئەگەر یارمەتیی وڵاتانی عەرەبیش نەدات تەنیا ئەوەندە بكات كە ڕێكخراوە توندڕەوەكان – وەك لە بەڵگەنامە نهێنییەكانی ویكیلیكس هاتووە - پارادار نەكات كە ڕۆژانە هاووڵاتیانی دنیا و عەرەبی و بەتایبەتی عێراقی دەبنە قوربانییان، تا ئێمەش باوەڕ بكەین كە ئەوان ئەگەر لەگەڵ ئێمەش برا نەبن لە نێوان خۆیاندا بران و هەرایەكەیان لە سەر مەسەلەی مافی چارەی خۆنووسینی كورد لەبەر خاتری چاوی جوانی عێراقە.


ئەم بابەتە لە 20-12-2010 لە ئاكانیوز بڵاو كراوەتەوە

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Late rains pour hope on Kurdistan Region

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Erbil, Dec. 11 (AKnews) – The long-awaited rains have finally arrived in the Kurdistan Region, bringing hope to its sky-dependent farmers.

This year’s rains were already two months late according to weather calculations raising concerns among the people and especially farmers of a drought. The rainy season in Kurdistan usually starts in September and ends in early May.

“It is forecast that the rains will cover the entire Kurdistan Region…but more densely in Dohuk province” said Hasan Wahab, director of Kurdistan meteorology and weather forecasting dept.

The rains usually come at the beginning of the autumn in September, ending as late as May. But in recent years, this has changed. The rains come much later than they should, and finish as early as March.

Kurdistan meteorology office said the rains will cover the whole of the Kurdistan Region and spread as far as central Iraq. In mountainous areas, snow may fall.

In late November, and early December, tens of thousands of people in Kurdistan headed to the countryside in congregations of “rain prayers” - a tradition in Kurdish society practiced every year when the rains are late to arrive.

The Kurdistan region has 8 million dunams of agricultural land, however, only half a million dunams are irrigated with an additional 300,000 dunams being irrigated by artesian wells. for the rest of the land, the farmers depend on rainfall.

The Friday had a cheering effect on the people of the region. One pedestrian in Erbil city’s Iskan Street, leaving a shopping mall and seeing the rain, said “God, keep it raining, please don’t let it stop.”

Raber Y. Aziz

Saturday, December 11th 2010 12:19 PM

كەشناسیی هەرێم: باران تا ناوەڕاستی عێراق دەگرێتەوە و چەند ڕۆژی تر بەردەوام دەبێت

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هەولێر 11 كانوونی یەكەم/دیسَمەر (ئاكانیوز) – چاوەڕوان دەكرێ ئەو بارانەی لە دوێنێوە لە هەولێری پایتەختی هەرێمی كوردستان باری تا ناوەڕاستی عێراق بگرێتەوە و بەڕێوەبەرایەتیی كەشناسیی هەرێمیش موژدەی دڵخۆشكەری پێیە كە تا چەند رۆژی تر بەردەوام دەبێت.

دوێنێ شەو 10 كانوونی یەكەم/دیسَمبەر لە هەولێر باران بەشێوەیەكی نم نم دەستی پێ كرد و پاشان بوو بە بارانێكی تەڕ كە خۆشی و هیوای خستە دڵی خەڵك بە گشتی و جوتیار و گوندنشینان بە تایبەتی. بەڕێوەبەری كەشناسی و بوومەلەرزەی كوردستان حەسەن وەهاب دەڵێت بەپێی پێشبینییەكان ئەو بارانە تا 2-3 ڕۆژی تر بەردەوام دەبێت.

"پێشبینی دەكرێت ئەو بارانە لە هەموو هەرێمی كوردستان، بە ناوچەی گەرمیان و كەركوكەوە، تا ناوەڕاستی عێراقیش بگرێتەوە. بەڵام بەشَوەیەكی چڕتر پارێزگەی دهۆك" وەهاب وای گوت.

لە هەرێمی كوردستاندا، وەرزی بارانبارین بەگشتی دەكەوێتە نێوان مانگی 9 بۆ سەرەتای مانگی 5، بەڵام لەم چەند ساڵەی دواییدا باران لە كاتی خۆی دوا دەكەوێ و زووتریش كۆتایی دێت كە ئەمەش بووەتە هۆی نیگەرانیی خەڵك لەو هەرێمەدا كە زیاتر پشت بە باران دەبەسترێت بۆ ئەنجامدانی كشتوكاڵ و بەرهەمی گەنم و جۆ.

لە كۆتاییی مانگی تشرینی دووەم و سەرەتای كانوونی یەكەمەوە، هاووڵاتییان لە زۆر ناوچەی هەرێمی كوردستان لە ماڵ و كارەكانیان دەرچوون و ڕوویان لە دەشت و دەر كرد وەك نەریتێكی ساڵانە بۆ ئەنجامدانی نوێژە بارانە بۆ ئەوەی خوای گەورە بارانیان بۆ ببارێنێت.

وەهاب پێشتر بە ئاكانیوزی گوتبوو كە بۆی هەیە لە ناوچە شاخاویەكاندا بەفریش ببارێت. بەپێی قسەكانی وەهاب ئەوان لە دەزگەی كەشناسیدا پێشبینیی ئەوەیان كردبوو كە لە ڕۆژانی "11 لەسەر 12ی كانوونی یەكەم/دیسێمبەر باران لە هەولێر ببارێت، بەڵام لەبەرئەوەی ڕۆژی پێشتر هەینی بوو و دەوامی ڕەسمیمان نەبوو بۆیە پێشوەختە هەواڵی ئەم بارانبارینەمان ڕانەگەیاند"

ڕابەر یونس عزیز

, كانونی یەكەم 11th 2010 9:56 AM

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Kurdish recruit killed in mysterious circumstances in Syria

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Dohuk, Dec. 9 (AKnews) – A Kurdish human rights organization (DAD) said on Thursday that a Kurdish recruit was killed in mysterious circumstances in Syria while performing military service.Kurdish Organization for Defending Human Rights and Public Freedoms in Syria (DAD)

The case is the ninth mysterious killing of Kurdish soldiers during their service in the army this year, raising the total number of such cases to 44 since 2004. Syrian officials say the cases are "accidents" or "suicides".

"The family of recruit Mohammed Jalal Mohammed, received the body of their son, who was… stationed in the province of Homs" said a statement from DAD, "Syrian officers in his military unit told the family he died as a result of electric shock".

Mohammed had been serving in the Syrian army for about 10 months. Upon the return of his body, the military officers handed his family a "symbolic amount of money as compensation for his death." according to the statement.

Often, the Syrian authorities claim that these cases are "accidents" or "suicides" without official investigations being conducted into the cases or the bodies being inspected by forensic experts.

Families of the victims claim their sons were exposed to torture and murder, citing traces and marks appearing on their recovered bodies.

Military service in Syria is mandatory. Anyone reaching the age of 18 will have to serve in the military for 21 months, although the military service of those studying will be delayed until the studies are completed.

DAD held Syrian authorities fully accountable for the deaths, being the "first and foremost body of responsibility for the security of citizens and their personal safety."

In addition to calling on the relevant authorities to conduct an impartial, transparent and fair investigation to identify those responsible and "impose the most severe sanctions against them and to compensate the families of the victims for damages."

The United Nations Committee against Torture has voiced concern about repeated incidents of Kurdish soldiers being killed during their compulsory military service in Syria.

The commission said it was following with concern the reports of increasing numbers of deaths of Kurdish recruits while performing their military service with their bodies showing marks of serious injuries.

Following the UN commission's statement, Syria provided its first report in mid-May last year.

Though there are no official and accurate statistics of the number of the Kurds in Syria, unofficial statistics suggest there are about three million of them, which accounts for 10-17% of the population.

Reported by Khudr Khllat


Thursday, December 9th 2010 1:39 PM

Monday, December 6, 2010

US cable blames Chinese government for hacking on Google

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Erbil, Oct. 5 (AKnews) – The hacking of Google last year that forced the search engine to withdraw from mainland China was orchestrated by a leading member of the communist party's politburo, according to a leaked US cable.wikileaks

The politician demanded action against Google after he searched his own name and found articles criticizing him, a leaked cable from the US embassy in Beijing says.

The leaked cable has been released by WikiLeaks to The New York Times and Britain's The Guardian newspapers.

The cable did not identify the leader, however, according to The New York Times it was propaganda chief Li Changchun, the fifth-ranked official in the country.

Google said last December that it was hit by a "highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure". And that part of it was aimed at the Gmail accounts of "Chinese human rights activists" resulting in Google abandoning mainland China to Hong Kong, where it was able to run an uncensored version of its website in English and Chinese.

Raber Y. Aziz/AKnews

Sunday, December 5th 2010 7:12 AM