Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Perpetrators of Tikrit attacks arrested

Salahaddin, June 7 (AKnews) - Salahaddin province has announced that five people have been arrested accused of perpetrating a deadly attacked in Tikrit - the birth place of Saddam Hussein - which killed 13 people.

Over four days, some 36 people have been killed in Tikrit city, and over 80 wounded in three separate attacks.

On Monday, a suicide car bomber targeting the presidential palaces in Tikrit, 175 km northwest of Baghdad, blew himself up killing 13 and wounding 15 others, most of them security personnel. Also on Friday, some 23 people were killed and around 70 injured in two further attacks, one on a hospital and another near a mosque.

Following the Monday attack, the director of national security in Salahaddin province stepped down.

"The police forces launched an extensive operation in central Tikrit Monday and were able to arrest 15 people, among them five wanted by the security forces for their involvement in the recent car bombings," Captain Hazem Khalil told AKnews.

The operations were based on "accurate" intelligence information, said Khalil who declined to identify the five detainees, or the group to which they belong.

"The forces transferred the arrested men to interrogate them and refer them to the judiciary," is all he would say.

In April, al-Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) attacked government buildings in Salahaddin province taking all inside hostage. A fight between the security forces and the militants ended with dozens killed in addition to 15 gunmen holding the buildings. Among the victims were a number of members of the provincial council.

Written by Raber Y. Aziz, Mazin Abdullah contributed to this story (AKnews)

07/06/2011 10:29