Monday, February 20, 2012

TV station signal blocked while commemorating attack

SULAIMANIYAH, Feb. 20 (AKnews) - A TV station, commemorating it's torching by gunmen a year ago, stopped airing for more than an hour because of signal interference.

NRT TV , Nalia TV , SwtaniStrong interference signal interference disrupted the broadcasting of a documentary on satellite channel Nalia last night.

The program 'Who Torched NRT TV?' investigates the attack on the station last year after it's live screening of the anti-government protests that swept across Sulaimaniyah.

NRT TV was only three days old when around 50 gunmen stormed the station and showered all the equipment in the station with bullets before using explosives to torch the building.

The station re-launched on April 22 the same year.

The signal disruption began at 8.48 p.m. last night after which the station decided to cease broadcasting 'Who Torched NRT?'. Airing resumed after an hour and fifteen minutes.

Twana Osman, the station's director said: "The interference was very strong. We don't know the source yet. It is difficult to get to it, it will take a long time even for the largest TV corporations in the world to find out the source of interference on their airing."

He added that he thought there was a very strong likelihood that the interference was related to the airing of the documentary.

Authorities promised to probe into the attack last year, but no one has been charged.